KL Tower

We were at the Sky Deck of KL Tower for a night date out but missed out the dinner at Atmosphere 360.
I thought i could share some views which was not really much, I never manage to capture a lot cause I m so busy feeling excited about people and stuffs around me. xoxo

Pardon as its a bit blurred by the cropping and editing in apps.

As I know, there’s lot more at the KL Tower than this! We reached after dinner at about approximately 8.30pm, the only thing we are in time to explore was the Sky Deck and the Observation Deck where they provide telescope for sight viewing. Stalls with local souvenirs all around, chocolate stalls and also few photo booth! There’s a mini cafe bar by the Sky Deck, probably drop by for a drink or two. It can be quite a romantic scene. *wink

If you’re looking for a date out for night view, its certainly a choice!
According to the site, they even have a Mini Zoo, Upside Down Museum, Eco Park and also the Blue Coral Aquarium which I did not visit. I suggest a well plan schedule before heading over.
You can visit for more info and also for purchasing tickets via online.